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To active all the Special Functions simply buy Unforgiven Organizer Pro in the Microsoft Store. When you have the App Pro Version, uninstall the App Free Version. The small price increase of this version depends on the fact that this version can be installed on multiple devices connected to the same Microsoft Account.

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Registration Version Desktop / Portable

Click the button below to make a secure online donation through PayPal:

With a 9 euro PayPal donation you can get the activation code to enable all features of the program on a PC partition or PENDRIVE!

( The price shown is related for the activation of all the special features added in the latest version, if you have a previous version click here to download the free upgrade ).

In order to receive the activation code after the donation, send me your drive code (see image on the right).

You can communicate the drive code during the PayPal donation procedure, or later by e-mail to:

Special features: what are the superpowers?

1. Remove the references to the sisterware

2. Password security

3. Link contacts, files, e-mail and website to tasks and to-do list

4. Check tasks as done

5. Choose the active section at program startup
6. Associate pictures and attachments to contacts

7. Produce documents with customized plans of tasks

8. Produce documents with weekly tasks grouped by day

9. Produce documents with contacts list that contain only some information

10. Receive warnings few days in advance

11. Import / Export contacts from CSV files

12. Calculate the elapsed time between two dates or times

13. View the phases of the moon

14. Manage Bi-Yearly, Bi-Monthly and Bi-Weekly Tasks

15. Store location and width of the columns in the contact section

16. Change the graphical theme

17. Enter text without length limits in all notes fields

18. Associate a counter to annual events

19. Suspend tasks without deleting

20. Manage the birthdays from the contact cards

21. Choose which category to highlight in the calendar

22. Assign an expiration date for the tasks

23. Advanced calendar with indicators

24. Today's grid with indicators

25. One shot repository

26. Enable an access in read-only mode